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Meet Harry Bhandari

Harry Bhandari is a father, public school teacher, and State Delegate known for his dedication and service to his community. Born in Nepal, Bhandari immigrated to the United States in 2005 and worked several jobs to make ends meet, including working the night shift at a gas station in downtown Baltimore.

For Bhandari, his commitment to his students is his life’s calling, not just a job. In Nepal, he would walk for hours on foot to get to school and became one of the country’s youngest school principals before emigrating. After witnessing the fatal shooting of one of his school’s students in Baltimore, Harry introduced legislation to encourage non-violent mediation and strengthen Maryland’s gun control laws.

As a State Delegate, Harry has tried to give back to the country which has given him so much. He is most proud of the work he has been doing on lowering the cost of prescription drugs, reducing Emergency Room wait times, and preventing gun violence. He’s also helped advocate for nearly a million dollars in upgrades to our local schools and parks.

Harry’s story is one of perseverance, resilience and an unwavering commitment to helping those around him. Harry is running for Congress because of his love for this country and the desire to give back to the community which has given him so much.


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