Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Delegate Harry Bhandari congratulates Johnny Olszewski on his victory in Tuesday’s Primary Election

“Harry will not stop using his expertise, his lived experience, and his perspective to better the lives of his constituents.”

Matt Kessler, campaign manager of Delegate Dr. Harry Bhandari’s historic campaign for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District released the following statement: “With our campaign coming to an end, I want to express our team’s thanks to everyone involved who made this campaign possible.”

Kessler continued, “I would first like to thank our campaign staff. From the start, we knew that we would be fighting an uphill battle, but you stuck with us at every turn and every junction. The outcome is not what we were looking for but Harry will not stop using his expertise, his lived experience, and his perspective to better the lives of his constituents. He’ll return to Annapolis as a Delegate proud to continue the work that he’s been doing. Harry has led the fight to reduce emergency room wait times, to make our schools better and safer for our kids, and he will keep fighting for the people of his district like he has done every day since being elected in 2018.”

Delegate Bhandari had the following to say after last night’s election result, “I want to congratulate County Executive Olszewski on his win last night and let the people know that they too should be supporting Johnny this November. He will be a strong advocate for Baltimore County, Carroll County, and Baltimore City in Congress, and he deserves our support.” 

“I would like to thank our dedicated volunteers. To the friends and family members who assisted us daily, we cannot express how helpful you have been. To our dedicated national committee, we accomplished an incredible feat in fundraising, and we should be proud of our hard work. What we saw on Election Day was nothing short of inspiring. We had 240 amazing volunteers who took a whole day out of their lives because they believe in our campaign’s mission and want to see Nepali representation expanded,” Bhandari said.

“I truly cannot thank you all enough but this isn’t the end for us. I will be working hard in Annapolis to ensure that our progressive priorities are brought to the floor in the House of Delegates. I will work tirelessly to continue improving our healthcare system, to ensure that our kids have brighter futures, and that guns are kept off our streets,” Bhandari emphasized. “We will need to ensure that not only Johnny wins this November, but that Mayor Scott gets re-elected, and that County Executive Alsobrooks and President Biden win their respective elections for US Senate and President. Thank you all for supporting us and making this a memorable and meaningful campaign.”